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Testing a commercial microwave oven

The Micro Tester is a precision diagnostic instrument used to test the output wattage of commercial microwave ovens. This is an essential part of a restaurant's preventative maintenance program to assure consistency and quality of food preparation.

Different brands and models of commercial microwave ovens have Minimum Wattage Output (MWO) specifications that must be maintained. Many factors can contribute to decline in microwave oven output, or complete microwave oven failure, such as magnetron age, diode failure, cleanliness, etc. (The Micro Tester has been recognized by Panasonic as an accepted testing tool for their commercial microwave ovens.)

The important part is early diagnosis. The following is a description of the Micro Tester 20 second solution to testing microwave oven wattage. We currently offer a Micro Tester model specifically designed for professional Technician use on any commercial microwave oven. We also offer models for the specific microwave ovens used at Applebee's Restaurant, Arby's, Burger King, McDonald's, and Subway. See all products.

1. Fill the Micro Tester with tap water

2. Adjust the dial to zero

3. Set the timer for 20 seconds

4. See the results

In twenty seconds the Micro Tester measures the specific change in temperature relative to the volume and baseline temperature of the water. Then, based on a mathematical formula, the Micro Tester automatically determines the wattage output of the oven, which is conveniently displayed on the dial. (The Micro Tester is calibrated to international IEC-705 standards) This can then be compared to the minimum wattage output of your specific unit to determine if the microwave oven is operating in an acceptable range.

This simple test can (and should) be performed frequently to ensure proper function of virtually any microwave oven.

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