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About Us

Like many great inventions of our time the Micro Tester was an invention of necessity.

The Past

Prior to the Micro Tester the only way to attempt to determine the wattage of microwave ovens was to use what is commonly called the water bowl test. It consisted of a stopwatch, water bowl, thermometer, calculator and a complicated set of mathematical calculations that were difficult and time consuming. Most people faced with this ineffective way of determining the actual wattage output of their microwave ovens simply gave up.

The Micro Tester is born

Two men, Oliver Gibson and Paul Moerman in early 2000 collaborated to design and manufacture a simple, field expedient, precision instrument that in 20 seconds would provide accurate wattage output readings of any microwave oven.

Four US patents later the Micro Tester was introduced to the fast food industry. The Micro Tester now plays an important role in the area of quality assurance and helps ensure the consistency of products that dining customers have come to expect and enjoy.

How the Micro Tester works

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