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Frequently Asked Questions

If I shake my Micro Tester I hear a "rattle" sound, is it broken?

No, this is quite normal. The "rattling sound" you hear is just the internal components (neon tubes) moving inside of the unit.

What can I do to keep my microwave oven in good working condition?

One important item is to clean the microwave oven properly. Never use metal objects or metal utensils to clean microwave oven. Clean only per manufacturers instructions.

How often should a microwave oven be tested?


Should I conduct the test more than once?

Only if the pointer gauge is outside of the green zone.

Why might the test reading vary when conducting multiple tests?

The potential energy stored in the microwave oven components is greatest when these high voltage components (magnetrons and transformers) are cool. The Micro Tester green zone allows for this deviation.

What if the Micro Tester reads zero on one test then green on the next?

There may be a problem at the door and/or switches that are triggered by the door.

Why is there a hole in the bottom of the Micro Tester and why does water flow out of it when I'm filling it with water?

The Micro Tester requires the same exact amount of water for each test. The hole in the bottom is for overflow and allows the excess water to escape.

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