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Accurate Testing

Microwave Oven Cleanliness for Best Test Results

Recommended Cleanliness

Keep the interior cavity of the microwave oven clean. Food particles that accumulate absorb microwave energy by drawing radio waves away from the item being heated. This negatively affects heating times.Wipe out the cavity of the oven every hour during peak periods. The oven should be cleaned and sanitized at closing.

Do not use abrasive pads that will scratch the cavity surface.

Door Hinges Latches and Gaskets

Inspect door latches and hinges. Older ovens may have defective latches or hinges. If the door does not close easily, chances are that the hinges or latch mechanism needs to be replaced. Door gaskets are usually made of rubber and designed to retain moisture. They are invisible to the energy. If any energy escapes the microwave oven it is a very serious hazard and should be corrected as soon as possible by a qualified technician.

Air/Grease Filter

All commercial microwave ovens have a grease air filter located somewhere on the oven. Remove and clean the air filter weekly. Wash the filter. Let it dry and snap it back into place on the microwave oven.

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