Microwave Oven Tester: "The 20 Second Solution"

Step 1: Fill the Micro-Tester Step 2: Adjust the dial to zero Step 3: Set timer for 20 seconds Step 4: See the results Designed for Applebee's, Arby's, Burger King, McDonald's, Subway, and Microwave Oven Technicians
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The Micro Tester is the world's most revolutionary microwave oven tester. In just twenty seconds the Micro Tester will check:

  • Microwave oven wattage
  • Antenna problems
  • Safety interlock failures

The Micro Tester is a precision diagnostic instrument designed to assist in the important area of quality assurance and maintenance forecasting of microwave ovens. How the Micro Tester Works.

It is calibrated to international IEC-705 standards

The 20-second test provides accurate results indicating whether or not the wattage output is in the acceptable range.

The Micro Tester plays an important role as part of any restaurant kitchen's quality assurance program by helping ensure the consistency of products customers have come to expect and enjoy.

Watch the demonstration video.

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